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Not Yet Summer

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Marylee is a foster kid, sullen and angry, as she is moved from home to home.  She’s convinced no one wants her or will ever care about her because of her lame leg.  But when she finds an abandoned baby, she finally has her chance to love someone and be loved in return.  But caring for a baby is far harder than she ever guessed, and the baby doesn’t seem to love her no matter how much care and affection she lavishes on her.  Marylee is faced with the hardest decision of her life – does she love the infant enough to do what is best for the child?

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Currently out of print in French as L’Ete Est Encore Loin.

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Hey, Chicken Man!

(previously titled The Black Tunnel)

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Tom Kirby was chicken and everybody knew it. Billy MacPherson had made sure of that. A year has passed since Tom failed to pass the Cobras initiation – to make his way alone through the terrifying drainage tunnels cut into the Niagara Escarpment. Angry and friendless, he spends time wandering the region, trying to work up his courage. But when he makes friends with Andrew, another misfit, his summer takes an abrupt turn for the better. Despite the new friendship, Tom can’t escape the final test of bravery.

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Something’s Fishy at Ash Lake

An Amber and Elliot Mystery, co-written with Anne Stephenson

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Someone is deliberately trying to sabotage Ash Lake computer camp!  But who?  And why?

Part time detectives and full time mischief-makers, Liz Elliot & Amber Mitchell get themselves in way over their heads when they try to fit all the pieces together. When they began their summer vacation, they’d had no idea they'd be risking their lives. But something has to be done before the best camp cook in the whole wide world ends up in jail – and they end up grounded for life!

"Amber!" Liz clutched Amber's arm.  "Did you hear something?"
The two girls stood perfectly still, ears straining, hearts thumping through the darkness...
A shadow slipped across the floor.  Soft footsteps sounded from the far side of the kitchen.  The girls cowered against the wall.  They could see feet, then legs.  Moonlight silhouetted a dark figure by the door...

If they're not careful, Amber & Elliot's two-week stay at Ash Lake computer camp could be their last...ever!

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Dragons of Dust and Desert

a Dragons of Earth, Water, Fire and AIr Book

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Fourteen-year-old Angel Cerillos is stuck living with foster parents at a second-rate desert motel while his mother is in the hospital. Despite threats from a local rancher and his greedy foster father, Angel is determined to scour the harsh desert for turquoise nuggets that could pay for his mom’s care. Without them, all he has of value is a carved, two-headed turquoise serpent, left to him by his mysterious father. It’s a hard life. But the desert spirits are awakening, and the mythic power of his dragon talisman spins Angel into terrifying danger.

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Dragons of Frost and Fire

a Dragons of Earth, Water, Fire and AIr Book

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“I know she’s still alive!”

A year has passed since Kit Soriano’s mother disappeared in an Alaskan blizzard, but she refuses to give up. No matter what anybody says, her mother is not dead.

Against all logic, propelled by recurring dreams of ice-white dragons and a magical silver knife, Kit journeys to the place where her mother vanished. She’s clearly not welcome in the wilderness town of Silver Claw, but her knife throbs with heat and her dreams show the impossible – mythical dragons are guarding her sleeping mother.

Desperate, Kit has no choice but to rely on Dai, a white-haired boy who knows more than he says about the wild magic rippling beneath the surface of the town. She wants to trust him. But is he her friend or an enemy? If she’s wrong, will she too be lost forever in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness?

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You’re Dead, David Borelli

After his mother dies and his father disappears with company funds, David is moved to a foster home.  He has to leave his private school to attend an inner-city school, where he becomes a target for bullies.  He has to learn to stand on his own, make new friends, and seize new opportunities.



David must make major life adjustments after his father embezzles company funds and David is sent to live in a foster home and placed in a tough city school, where bullies torment him and teachers look the other way. Using his own resources, David eventually finds ways to cope and even succeed in his new environment, without responding with violence.
– School Library Journal
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David's world changes overnight when his mother dies and his father abruptly disappears. A rich kid who attends a private academy, David suddenly finds himself in a chaotic foster home and a public middle school in a rough neighborhood. Struggling with the loss of his parents, a bullying gang of boys at school, and his new home life, David nearly gives up. But when he reconnects with his jailed father, and then with his wealthy grandfather, David begins to triumph over the difficulties in his life, realizing that his thoughts and actions will determine whether he will thrive or become "a loser." He makes friends at school and excels as a soccer player. Brown has created very appealing characters, particularly David, who, in his struggle to survive, develops a growing capacity for friendship. The images of David's home life, the schoolyard brutality, and the excitement of athletic competition are all well rendered; the well-developed plot is believable, and its happy ending will leave young readers satisfied.
– Merri Monks, Booklist
Gr. 5-7

The Mad Hacker

An Amber and Elliot Mystery, co-written with Anne Stephenson

The Mad Hacker.png

When Amber Mitchell and Liz Elliot discover someone has been hacking into Ash Grove Junior High’s computers, and more importantly, their end of term projects, they set out to find the culprit.  A fellow student appears to be responsible, but the two detectives discover a far more serious crime of cyber piracy.

Currently out of print.