About Susan Brown

Susan Brown

I love to write, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember.  First came comic books written and drawn for an audience of one – my brother. In school, the teachers wanted essays, not the heart-thumping stories I imagined. That was when I realized that school writing and real writing were entirely separate.  And it was real writing that I wanted to do!

So, off to university for a degree in Journalism, a few jobs in public relations and newspapers, and then I began writing for what turned out to be my favorite audience – kids and teens. Inevitably, I started writing down the stories that filled my mind and began publishing books with Scholastic and Atheneum. In between came a stint of teaching 4th and 5th grade and high school.

As Susan Brown, I write a mix of YA fantasy and realistic fiction for kids from 9 to ancient!  With Anne Stephenson, I write light romances under the pen name of Stephanie Browning.

The day to day part of my life involves writing most days, nagging three grown daughters and two son-in-laws, and spoiling two amazing grandsons.  When we all hang out together, my two border collie rescue dogs (Emmett and Sadie) fetch and bark wildly in the excitement of two lively boys to play with.  After all, these city boys now have four acres of woods, pastures and lawns to tear around in.  Some of my books use my home as the background for my imaginary characters – characters that have come to seem so real to me, that I feel like they are living here too!

I hope you will share the fun, wonder, and adventures!