About Stephanie Browning

Stephanie Browning – that crazy, funny romance writer – is actually the pen name used for romances written by Susan Brown and her best friend, Anne Stephenson.

Susan and Anne first met in the Honors Journalism program at Carleton University in Canada – where they discovered that not only were they in the same classes, they were sharing the same teeny, tiny dorm room.  It could have been a disaster! But once Susan agreed to take the bed closest to the window and Anne agreed to only use half of the closet space, they quickly became fast friends, sharing excellent adventures both on and off campus. They did not realize that when they graduated and went their separate ways, Anne to work in corporate communications, and Susan to write for a daily newspaper, they wouldn’t see each other for years.  And that when they finally did meet up, with husbands and children in tow, they would quickly decide how much fun it would be to write together.

Considering they didn’t live in the same city, let alone the same country (and still don’t), they knew it was going to be a challenge.  But technology, laughter, and the love of a good story, saved the day.  Using phone, fax, and email, they wrote two highly-successful children’s mysteries — The Mad Hacker and Something’s Fishy as Ash Lake – and then adapted them for television, co-producing “Amber & Elliot” for the Family Channel.

And then, a new twist and turn… Stephanie Browning was born from their combined imaginations. Like any heroine worth her salt (and a second look), Stephanie Browning is strong, sexy, and passionate – with an independent streak a mile long and a killer smile.  That she’s a teensy bit on the stubborn side is nothing more than an endearing characteristic that keeps her focused on the job at hand… writing books for readers who love romance.

To come along for the ride, simply visit Stephanie Browning Romance and slip into a world where love really is just a heartbeat away.

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