What I’m currently working on

A good writing day – I’m smiling!

A good writing day – I’m smiling!

I work on more than one writing project at a time, just like I read more than one book at a time. As I work, I’ll post updates and a sample chapter or two for you to check out.  Let me know what you think about the characters and the stories so far.  Constructive feedback always helps a writer!


Catching Toads

Due in Spring 2019! Check back soon for more details!

You're Dead, David Borelli!

A new edition of the bestseller published by Atheneum Books.

After his mother dies and his father disappears with company funds, David is moved to a foster home.  He has to leave his private school to attend an inner-city school, where he becomes a target for bullies.  He has to learn to stand on his own, make new friends, and seize new opportunities.

Due in Summer 2019! Check back soon for more details!



This book is just about finished.  I have a bit more research to do about one of the myths, and I’d like to do some illustrations as well.  And then I have to decide to Indie publish, or look for a traditional book publisher.  Decisions, decisions!

Fifteen-year-old Jared Singer, his twin sister, Megan, and their mother, Deirdre, are modern gypsies, traveling from city to city and country to country, as Deirdre pursues work in musicals and operas. They have no home and never stay for long in any one place. The kids’ worn backpacks are stuffed with a few belongings and twelve rocks – special rocks that have plunged Jared into visions of gods, ancient lives, and terrifying dangers. Now the set of twelve stones is complete – and eons-old forces of evil are closing in on the family. They run once more, this time to a castle in the Peaks District of England. Here the guardian “singers” will fight to remake these twelve stones that protect the strength of humanity from vengeful gods.

Read an excerpt of Twelve here!

Due in Summer 2019!


I’ve called this one White Horse and Saving Sky but neither seems quite right.  This book is about half finished. And it’s giving me a lot of trouble in the middle, although I know how it will end!

Sky and her mom are on the run from her mom’s abusive boyfriend, The Nightmare. To keep her safe, her mom leaves Sky at her great-aunt Judy’s. Accompanied by Judy’s big dog, Moose, Sky finds a magnificent white horse at the neighboring stable that had been abused – just the way she had. Sky and the horse form a bond that grows day by day as Sky learns to be a horsewoman, and the horse learns to trust her. But then, The Nightmare finds them!

Read an excerpt here!

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