Introducing Making Up is Hard to Do…the latest Stephanie Browning romance. A feisty heroine, a breath-takingly gorgeous hero, and a story to keep you turning the pages.

If she’d known Jack would walk back into her life, more ruggedly handsome than the day he left, Nicki would never have agreed to run a small-town accounting firm for the summer. She would have stayed in Toronto and left the past where it belonged.

But Jack owes her. Big time. For fifteen years of silence, a dozen unanswered letters, and one broken teenaged heart.

“The rest of the world can wait when
you’re reading a Stephanie Browning romance!”

Alice Best Jackson

Available in print or eBook on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and all eBook platforms.


I write intermediate and teen books under my name, Susan Brown. Stephanie Browning is the pen name I share with my friend and writing partner of a thousand years, Anne Stephenson.


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