Books and blogs and websites, oh my!

Susan Brown

Now that I’ve ventured into the world of being an Indie writer, I wanted to build a website that would showcase my latest books for teens and my dabbles in flash fiction.
When my daughter, Heather, told me I really needed to write a blog for readers and visitors to my website, I whined.  I have never kept a journal and this seemed like a school assignment…and I hate school assignments.
But I had shanghaied her into building the website.  She insisted, no blog – no website.  I hate blackmail!  So reluctantly, I started.  And it’s kind of fun.  I had thought I would write about writing, but so many people do that.  When I want to think about writing, I write stories.
My books and stories are all embedded in the day to day sights and sounds of my world, the people I know, the emotions and experiences that make up each of our lives.  The hard stuff, the funny stuff, and the trivial details that matter.  Even the fantasy.  That’s what this blog will meander over.
So, welcome to the website, to my blog.  It will be fun!  Thanks for dropping by.