Creative Juices

So I got up early this morning to work (actually Emmett and Sadie got up early because it’s a ridiculous time of year where the sun hurtles into the sky at about 5:03 a.m. and my dogs don’t understand sleeping to a decent hour – I mean when you nap 47 times a day, rise and shine is a tough concept…but I digress…).

So…having arisen at an inhuman hour to whines, canine wrestling and shrill demands to go out now! I made my coffee extra strong and sat at my computer to begin this blog. With a sense of happy expectation, I sifted through the topics I’d been considering…climate change, the advantages of having daughters, developing a strong work ethic, maybe even a few succinct tips on how to become a successful writer….

And then Emmett wanted a treat. He asks by pawing (make that clawing) my leg, punctuated by hysterical open-mouthed grimaces with much tongue swashing, head tossing and a sound in his throat like yeah, yeah, yeah. Gets me every time. I laugh and get the treat. And then two more for Sadie and Molly, who stare at me like I’ve just put my firstborn child up for adoption.

Dogs happy…and frolicking (then sleeping) outside. Another cup of coffee – extra strong.

Just two computer games I promise myself, to still any lingering anxieties and return to focus…make that nine computer games. I’m ready now. The creative juices are flowing. I have a cornucopia of creative ideas pounding to escape my coffee-fueled mind.

Phone rings. The vet reports that the fecal sample on Sadie came back positive (I think they should reverse that and call it negative – because gross creatures gnawing on her insides are very negative). Drop everything for a dash to the vet and some comfort petting with my poor puppy. I don’t mention that this medical issue is all her fault for eating half the dead rabbit she found. She’s a dog and doesn’t get that kind of reasoning. I mean, it was a rabbit…and it was dead…what else is a dog supposed to do?

Trip to the vet accomplished. Medicine delivered. Anxious watching between more computer games…I need to de-stress to be creative. Sadie yawns and takes a nap. Emmett requests more treats.

Phone rings. Local bookstore wants additional copies of three of my books. The others sold out. Hell yes! Brush my hair and change clothes four times to try and look like an author. What does an author look like anyway? Pretty sure it’s not what is staring back at me from the mirror. Oh well, if there are any customers, I can hide behind some displays. Incognito all the way. Another reason to think up a new pen name.

Okay…drive home with only a short stop at the grocery store for ingredients for a dish I have to take this evening to a potluck. Add a donut. I need extra energy. Home again, groceries put away, and after staring sullenly at page after page of “easy” recipes, I decide to head back to the deli later to buy something ready-made.  After all, I have to work!

Return to the computer. Stare at the screen. The computer game pops up to tell me I’ve used up my quota of free plays, but for only $10 I can have more. I can’t spend $10 on games when I am making $0 because I haven’t written anything yet. The creative juices have coagulated and the great ideas are faded memories.  

Write what you know….

I want to wail to the winds. I know trips to the vet, how to spot parasites, the frustrations of trying to make dowdy clothes look chic, the best ready-made-because-I’m-too-busy-to-make-anything dishes, and I’m awesome at computer shoot-em-ups.

So I go back to computer games. There’s a new one on my feed, and I have another day before my deadline. I’ll just relax and give those creative juices a little more time to ferment.

It’s what I know.