Flash Mobs

Things I love, continued…

Flash mobs.  I adore flash mobs.  I watch the videos and hope to actually see one some day.  I’m always a sucker for singing and dancing and when it is presented as the rising of the human spirit, I am reduced to a sniveling mess of happiness.

So, for the requisite cliché: times are tough.  As a high school teacher in a perfectly nice suburban school, I stopped demanding why kids weren’t doing their homework.  Instead, I started asking, “What’s going on?” 

The answers rarely had anything to do with school or academics.  They tended to fall into three life experience categories:

Lower case: my best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend won’t talk to me…

Upgrading through the Richter scale of pain to Upper Case: My Grandma Is In The Hospital And She Is Dying….

Exploding into screaming capitals: my asshole dad is trying to take the house away from us and we have nowhere to go!

If I spend too much time thinking about the misery caused by wars, despots, bullies, and messed up families, it gets hard to breathe.

But then there are flash mobs – an outpouring of the glory of the human spirit. 

There is music, there is joy, there is indomitable proof that not everything in the world is full of spiritual rot.

I believe in flash mobs.