Hanging Out at the Coffee Shop

Things I love cont’d…


So here I sit in my favorite coffee shop – the Bookend Coffee Co. in the Everett Library. I’m surrounded by the rich smells of good books and good coffee. And the people. The old village well had nothing on this. In one corner a woman fidgets until a man comes over and shakes hands – apparently an informal job interview; an old man and a young one are laughing at a shared story; two teenagers are working on their computers; three women are earnestly sharing some confidences and giggling in the corner. Life is good.

People laugh about Seattle’s obsession with coffee, but in the cloudy winters and raw winds, it’s wonderful to bustle into a redolent shop where they make the drink you want, just for you. I like lattes, my daughter likes chai, and apparently there are about 1,800 variations available on the standard drinks.


The music is upbeat, the smells are great and the ambience has a tinge of funky luxury. And there is a whole parade of people pausing from their busy lives to chat, to be neighbors, to take a break from the worries of life. OMG I love coffee and the bubble of community it makes for us.

Right now, the barista is chatting with a customer about the pastries. A moment later, the coffee machines steam and hiss.  An indie recording, heavy on seductive vocals and riffs of guitar and drums is playing in the background. A pre-schooler dances to the sounds as the mom picks apples slices and a baby-cino for him.

A squall of rain comes on. The patrons rush in, shaking off water and scanning the boards for what’s on offer.

I sit back, nurse my coffee, feel myself wrapped in the web of strangers, the web of my community. I love hanging out in my coffee shop.