Morning Startups

The morning started with a truck whose flat tire flapped to a stop in front of my house. The dogs went insane. Clearly all enemies of the state and dogdom were mounting a full attack on our humble home. They barked for 25 minutes straight while the sun rose and the poor guy fixed his tire. I moaned for them to be quiet, please!

Finally, I grumbled my way out of bed. What else can one do?

I made coffee, fed the ravening hounds, and plunked into my chair to nurse my coffee and assorted woes. The news feeds mostly reported very unhappy things (so what else is new). I made a donation that was at least twice what I can afford – after all, if it was my family there…

The cleaners, Nancy and her husband Victor, came a half hour early (I still feel guilty about having house cleaners come – but I have some back problems that make most of what they do necessary). And it’s really wonderful having someone make my house all sparkly. I may be guilty but mostly I’m really grateful!

Anyway…I wasn’t dressed so I erupted into a fast scramble to pull on some clothes. No, I didn’t brush my hair and I look like the Witch of the Wild Woods. Now I’m chilling (literally) out here on the deck (the dogs don’t help Nancy and Victor as much as they think they do).

 The morning is taking a serious uptick. Not one, not two, but three pileated woodpeckers winged into the trees. They are amazing birds. About a foot long, sleek and charcoal grey, with a bright red tuft on their heads – the model for Woody Woodpecker. They aren’t exactly rare but I glimpse one about every two years, and it thrills me.

Behind me, a tiny inch long tree frog has taken up residence on my heap of gardening implements – bright green with a croak that carries a froggy mile. I wonder why he’s hanging around on my deck, but he’s been here a month or so, so I’m guessing the food supply is decent – and I’m happy to sacrifice any bugs he can catch. Another frog from way across the yard starts singing back. A third frog picks up the chorus from among my flowers.

No wonder movies use the Northwest frogs for their background soundtracks.

One of the neighbors has acquired a rooster and he’s crowing his silly head off. Fortunately, they are far enough away that it’s just part of the background sound. Country classic without the pain!

I’m in the middle of a sensory feast – distant cars swishing, birds chirping, a waft of flower scents, fresh cool air drifting over my face, and that splash of brilliant red as the woodpeckers arrow between my old trees.

I really love mornings in the country.

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