Continuing with things I love…I love to get presents. 

I know I’m supposed to get PC here and talk about how I really prefer to give presents, but not so.  When I give a present there’s always that thud of anxiety that I have picked the wrong thing, size, color, age appropriateness – or that they’d rather have money or they’d rather have had a present….

Seriously, it’s exhausting.

However, when someone gives me a present, as I uncrinkle the swath of paper, I get the little trill of pleasure wondering what it is – will it be something I had hoped for, or something I hadn’t thought to hope for?  Will it be my favorite color, or a color I hadn’t previously thought of picking?  Oh my gosh, what is it!

I picture them pondering what would be special for me.  I hope that they have the satisfaction of knowing how much pleasure they have given me.  Face it, presenting me with a gift, is a win/win for everyone.

It really needs to happen more often…