That’s All

I was running down my list of errands (how can one life generate so many?), and had just pulled into a good spot in front of the pharmacy when an old song that I truly love came on the radio – That’s All by Genesis.  The training of years – too much to do and not enough time to do it – nearly kicked in, but with actual effort, I simply sat and listened to the song instead of hurrying to make another tick in the box.

It was weird. I started falling into the bouncy rhythm of the music, remembered in a hazy way, a beach and laughing and being young and without errands and lists and much in the way of responsibility. Remembering the guy I fell in love with…

But why does it always seem to be
Me looking at you, you looking at me
It's always the same…

We had decades of looking at each other.  The song’s not really about a good sort of love, but I kind of pick out the words that tell my own story and ignore the rest. So I think of it as a happy, falling in love song.  But some of the words force themselves into my awareness…

There's no point in trying to pretend
There's been no-one who

Makes me feel like you do
Say we'll be together till the end

We were together until the end. His end at least. 

It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

So I cried and then went on with my errands. One life can generate so many.